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Hello, I am
Lisa Miller

a digital visionary designer

UX, WEB, & GRAPIC Designer / Branding & Video Marketing

About Me

Professional Profile

I am a unique individual who has an array of talent and experience as a Digital Designer and Project Manager. Although my strength is in digital marketing and business development, my focus over the last 6 years has been mastering and advancing my UX, Web, and Graphic Design skills through continued education and technology trends. Innnovation and problem solving drive me. I have even invented and patented a product from start to finish called the Fluid Intake Tracker (F.I.T. Clip). I have an eye for design and concepts, and love working with ideation teams, solution architects, and clients implementing my project management skills through the creative process. I am committed to being a leader and providing the best digital design and user experience on any project.

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My Awesome Skills

Executing digital, UX, web, graphic, interactive and visal design as part of multi-disciplinary teams. Collaborating on digital design and user experience planning with ideation teams, lead experienced architects, marketing teams, and consulting best marketing strategies with clients. Researching interaction design and technology trends. Performing other duties as assigned or contracted. Proficient in film, editing, audio, and motion graphics. Enrolled in a 2 year film program in 2010.

UX, Web, Graphic Design

Advanced, 5 years

Design & Art Direction

Expert, 8 years

Project Management

Expert, 12+ years


Advanced, 5 years


Experienced designer with strong interests and capabilities in the design and development of engaging user experiences. I thrive in a work environment that requires strong problem solving skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication. I excel in providing both highly analytical as well as highly creative ideas to a design engagement or ideation project team. Extensive experience in a fast-paced and innovative development environment. I have a thorough understanding of contemporary user-centered design methodologies and problem solver with a "think outside the box" mentality.

  • Visual & Interactive Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Digital Painting
  • Photo Composition
  • Good sense of Tipography
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout, Wireframes
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Photo, Video, Audio, and Editing

UX Design Skills

Execute all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering. Conceptualize original ideas that bring simplicity and userfriendliness to complex design challenges. Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas. Participate in user research and evaluate user feedback (usability testing); strategize how to leverage in design solutions. Establish and promote design guidelines, best practices and standards; design and develop comprehensive style guides for developers and internal client creative departments.

Interface Design
Experience Design
Interaction Design


15 Years Experience!

Extremely knowledgable in Operations, Business Development, and Marketing. The last 6 years my focus has been on Digital, UX, Web, and Graphic Design, as an independent contractor. Implimentation of Project Management skills in Digital Design, and received a Project Management Certificate from the University of California Irvine.

Red Cross Volunteer

Project Manager
Bus Sol Architect

2014 - Present
Challenge:  Help identify all Input and Output channels of each process to make sure Hotel Regions are easily accessible for the Red Cross clients. Work with Ideation Project Teams on new program creation for Hotel Disaster Relief Hotel Partner project on behalf of the RED CROSS with Hotel websites.
Action:  Project Manage and provide Business Solutions Architect skills while working directly with Hotel Partner development teams to communicate and structure all business applications and requirements.
Result:  This is an on going project and collaboration with many different departments and clients. Executive level and department managers are involved in every bit of the process to make sure contracts and policy writers work directly with hotel website web development teams.
Girard Systems

Dir Bus Dev
& Marketing

2011 - 2013
Challenge:  Sales for RV awnings and products had been down for the last 4 years, and they had not updated their RV marketing materials, business development, or sales plans, as well as new branding, website, social media, or phone system in 10 years.
Action:   Implimented my Project Management skills and tackled each project at a time. Completed a new RV website and splash page, new corporate branding, marketing materials, digital media, trade show booth, product and instruction videos, manuals, brochures, digital displays were all prepared for attending the biggest tradeshow of the year (RVIA) promoting all RV Awning products and services.
Result:  New branding and digital display shows at their product booth were key in the success of their sales for 2012. Website and new phone system was completed and on budget to handle increased call volume. All product(s) and service(s) sales increased from 3.7 Million to 6.52 Million in FY12.
Manistar Electronics

Dir Bus Dev

2010 - 2011
Challenge:  As a result of the economy the company was in an immediate need for new business opportunities and developing programs focused on sales and procurement SBLO teams, customers, and vendors for continual growth.
Action:  Development of Minority and Services programs for government and defense agencies as a Woman Owned Business. Foster relationships at the executive level to capture and nurture new and existing business through appointed SBLO’s representatives, and other multiple key clients.
Result:  Consistent in maintaining product knowledge, identify product issues, provide business solutions, recommend technician upgrades and programs, or resolve customer focused issues through sales and procurement programs. All product(s) and service(s) sales increased from .892 Million to 1.6 Million in FY11.
Pro-Tech Solutions, Inc.

VP Operations
& Bus Dev

1999 - 2010
Challenge:  This was a start up company. All funding, operations, business development, sales, marketing, product and service programs, human resource, and company culture needed to be developed from day one.
Action:  Developed all programs through Project Management skills. Development of Minority and Services programs for government and defense agencies as a Woman/Minority Owned Business. Foster relationships at the executive level to capture and nurture new business through appointed SBLO’s representatives, and other multiple key clients. Structured all departments to work cohesively together as a team. Branding and Marketing done to stimulate consistent business.
Result:  Consistent in maintaining all operations, customer focus, developing product and service programs, product knowledge, identify product issues, provide business solutions, recommend SBLO programs, resolve business focused issues through inner departments, sales, procurement, and marketing programs. All product(s) and service(s) sales increased from day one to 14.8 Million within 5 years FY05.
GC Management

VP of Sales
& Regional Offices

1992- 1998
Challenge:  Open four regional sales offices, lead, mentor, and develop sales incentive programs and strategies for developing business with key clients and sales teams.
Action:  Defined, developed, and coordinated all sales training programs for sales managers that enable staff to achieve their potential and personal goals, while supporting company sales objectives. Opened four regional sales office in Boston, Orlando, San Francisco, and Seattle.
Result:  Adding additional sales offices, managing sales teams, sales operations and sales programs helped to deliver profitable growth for the company. Sales increased significantly in a 3 year period from 23.9 Million to 54.4 Million.


My Education Focus

My educational focus have always been in Business and Project Management. I have practiced these skills for the last 18 years with real world experience. In late November 2014, I completed my Project Management and Business Administration for IT Professionals Certification knowing they would only add value to my experience. In addition, 6 years of my education and acquired knowledge has been in Digital Design and Technologies with a focus in UI/UX, Web, and Graphic Design. In 2012 I completed a 2 year Film, Digital Media Production Management Program. Today, I continue to strengthen my Digital Design skills through the University of California Irvine Extension Program courses and Lynda.com, which is a paid learning subscrition to all Web Development tools and software, as well as UI/UX Methodology and best practices to upgrade certificates and skills through self-taught hands on video courses.

UC Irvine

MBA, PMP Certified

2013 - present
MBA (in progress) with an emphasis in Project Management (PMP Certification Completed 2014).
Saddleback College

Film, Digital Media

2010 - 2012
2 year Film, Digital Media Production Management Certificate. This program fully encompased all aspects of Cinema, Film and Digital Media (directing, pre and post production, lighting, editing, audio, cinematograpy, motion graphics, production management).
California State Los Angeles

MA, Educationn

1989 - 1992
Masters in Education Administration. Received Teaching Certificate (K-12)
Northern Arizona University

BFA, Communications

1986 - 1989
Bachalor of Fine Arts with a focus in color theory and art history. Minor in Communications


My portfolio features projects from Digital, UI/UX, Web, Graphic Design to motion graphic video commercials and film work.

I use a variety of software and design methedology tools in UI/UX to complete projects, including all Adobe Suite CS6 software (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Audition, Flash, In Design, Media Encoder, Business Catalysis), HTML, CSS, and Java Scripting.


Let's Keep In Touch

If your company is intersted in my skills and experience, I am available for Project Management in Program and Product Development, or Digital Marketing, Graphic, Web, or Video contracted or full time work. Please don't hesitate to let me know the nature of the project or program. I am positive I can add value to your team on any project.

Lisa Miller
San Clemente, CA 92672.

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